Washington University in St. Louis is moving from Blackboard to Canvas for our Learning Management System (LMS) starting in Fall 2018. By the Fall of 2019, Blackboard will no longer be available for teaching. Keep reading to learn how to get ready for Canvas!

LMS Timeline — Summer 2018: Planning, Implementation, Training & Support Initiation Fall 2018: Early Adopter Phase I (faculty apply/opt in to teach with Canvas) | Spring 2019: Early Adopter Phase II (remaining faculty apply/opt in to teach with Canvas) | Summer 2019: Final Adoption Phase (all faculty strongly encouraged to teach with Canvas) | Fall 2019: Complete Adoption (all courses taught in Canvas)

Get Started with Canvas!

Want to get a head start on learning Canvas? Click Get Started with Canvas to request your personal Demo Course in Canvas and gain exclusive early access to training materials. Then, when you’re ready, sign up to become an Early Adopter and teach using Canvas in Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.

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Spread the Word & Ask Questions

Please read and share our Canvas Communication Sheet with faculty and administrators. This document should help program leaders to understand the implications of opting in to Early Adopter Phase I (Fall 2018) or Phase II (Spring 2019). Send questions, concerns, or comments—anonymously or for follow-up—via the Comment Box below.

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